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Passionate about our city “Baruipur?”

Are you a writer/blogger or student of journalism and you want to be featured on Baruipur website? Want to be able to inspire thousands of people from Baruipur or around the world or maybe have some brilliant work to share?

You can now write for ‘www.baruipur.in‘ and let your voice be heard. The more details you add, the more your work will shine.

Currently we are looking for writers who can voluntarily work for our city and update our readers on everything about our city Baruipur, to help the people of Baruipur and the adjacent region.

Rules Of Engagement:-

  1. Articles should be original. We are strongly against plagiarism.

  2. Articles should be in Bengali/English, and as much as possible, be grammatically correct.

  3. Articles may not contain political information/reflection, and should be unbiased.

  4. Articles should be accurate where dates, events, and places are mentioned.

  5. Articles must have a picture related to the article. Could be pictures snapped or from our photo database and portrays the topic of the article.

  6. The contributor role allows you write/manage your article, but will not allow you publish. An editor/administrator will have to approve your article before it is published.

  7. ADS are not permitted. For ads/businesses send enquiries to [email protected] or call (+91)084789 56789

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